Have you prepared brand cosmetics for Christmas gift?

by - sexta-feira, setembro 30, 2022


Hello friends, how are you?

Christmas is coming and with it comes the festivities and celebrations, and at that time also comes the time to buy gifts for all the family and friends. Choosing a gift is sometimes difficult, and we want to give it to everyone around us. Here comes some questions about what to give as a gift, especially if you are a man, but if you are a woman then it is easier, because every woman likes makeup to use on a daily basis.

If you still haven't thought about Christmas gifts to give to your mother, sister, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law or friend, don't worry, here you'll find some good quality makeup suggestions for you to give as a gift or to give yourself. clear.

And speaking of makeup, do you know the Word Makeup store? It is an online store that has a variety of makeup products from famous brands such as Gucci, NYX, Signa, Mac, Dior, among others. You can buy it at the wholesale cosmestcs store at a very affordable price to buy for yourself or to give as a Christmas gift to a friend. Makeup is a great Christmas gift suggestion.

I separated 4 cosmetics suggestions from some brands for you so come with me.

This lipstick is beautiful from the brand NADS has an incredible color, high pigmentation, has a vibrant color and hydration for the lips. Its new formula has a mixture of Moringa and Passion Fruit Seeds oils that provide a feeling of lightness and soft touch.

Definitely a beautiful color, the blush has great pigmentation provides sheer coverage and a natural finish, pleasantly smooth texture.

Are you a fan of concealer? Then this one is perfect for you, the Radiant NARS creamy concealer is a very coveted concealer by artists, for its luxurious texture it has a luminous finish. Concealer blurs imperfections and diminishes fine lines and signs of fatigue.

And the last suggestion is this beautiful Anastasia eyeshadow palette this palette has 14 beautiful colors, in matte and metallic finishes. Its exclusive formula and complete pigment, no woman can resist this palette.

Girls it's so easy to order wholesale, just choose the products on the website, after you make a super easy registration. The site uses fast and secure payment systems like credit card and bank transfer. Security is a priority of the website, which guarantees the integrity and encryption of the data of each transaction, so you can feel safe when buying your makeup on the website.

Here are some suggestions for you about makeup products to give as a Christmas gift, all products are of high quality. If you want to see more products, go to the Word Makeup store, the store will be happy to answer you if you have any questions. I hope you liked it.

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25 comentários

  1. Lu maquiagens são boas opções de presentes de Natal gostei muito das suas dicas beijos.

  2. Muito boas as sugestões,Lucimar.
    beijos, lindo fds! chica

  3. Adorei as maquiagens são um bons presentes para o Natal bjs.

  4. Adorei essas sugestões para presentear no natal.

  5. passando para desejar um lindo e feliz fim de semana ja estou a seguir este lindo continho bjs saude

  6. Essa loja tem vários cosméticos legais!


  7. Adoro este tipo de presentes!!

    Bom domingo.

  8. Adorei! Não conhecia essa loja, vou dar uma espiadinha nela ♥

  9. Oi Lu, tudo bem? Gostei muito das opções. E esse batom? Simplesmente apaixonada por essa cor. O blush também é bem bonito. Um abraço, Érika =^.^=

  10. Olá Lucimar, tudo bem?

    Maquiagem é sempre um ótimo presente, principalmente para quem gosta de cosméticos. E na época do Natal é ainda melhor!