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by - quinta-feira, setembro 29, 2022


Hello friends, how are you?

Today we are going to talk about makeup, a subject that we love a lot, right? How are your makeups? Makeup items cannot be missing from our dressing table, such as a lipstick, a palette, a blush. The makeup itself helps a lot to enhance our beauty, makeup is good for us and raises our self-esteem.

A woman cannot do without a make-up item, because when we go out somewhere with the husband, boyfriend, fiancé, go to the movies, shopping, work, we want to have a flushed, happy face, and make-up helps a lot, she renews the woman's face, our expression changes, the person may even have a downcast face, but if we put a powder, for example, our face changes.

Makeup is something that we need on a daily basis, but these days things are very expensive, there are stores that charge an absurd amount for a makeup item, many women cannot buy it and sometimes they use expired makeup and that is not cool. But I want to share with you a store that I found that is all good, Word Makeup is a store specialized in the makeup universe, there you can find the best makeup products, they are product lines from the most famous brands in the world.

Did you know that you can wholesale makeup at a very good price and that it fits in your pocket without leaving you tight? Yes, you can have the best makeup products in the world. The store is wonderful delivery to everyone, it's good to be able to find a store with good products at a great price and that won't let you overpay, our pocket will thank you!

I selected 6 makeup items from the store for you, I hope you like it, come with me!

Look at this beautiful Gucci Rouge lipstick, it is formulated with a combination of Black Rose oil and Hyaluronic Acid, and vitamin E. This lipstick is amazing for you to wear on that special occasion, the lipstick will soften and take care of your lips.

Brushes are an extremely important item, as they are the ones with which we will do the makeup on our face without having to use our fingers. I fell in love with this Sigma Make Me brush kit, this kit was specially developed for professional makeup application. The kit contains 12 brushes that you can use in your makeup.

Do you love a palette like I do? If so, then this tip is for you, this one by Morphe Jaclyn Hill 35 ColorPalette of shadows, is simply amazing, for you to do that beautiful makeup to go to a party. This eye palette is perfect I'm sure you will love these 35 colors.


They are cheap makeup brands, but the products are extremely well made, worked with the best materials, all of the best quality. The store provides its customers with high quality products and products from famous brands and all at a good price. So stay with me and see more makes.

A powder cannot be left out of your makeup, this Benegit Georgia brand powder is a dream. The powder can be applied on the entire face of the face or just on the cheekbones, it is lightly scented.

Increase the volume of your lips with Dior addict Lip Maximizer is a lip gloss that leaves your lips plump, smooth and luminous, wear alone or over your favorite lipstick.

Serum Foundation offers medium coverage and skin firming benefits. The serum is a very important product for the skin, the serum offers 24-hour hydration and SPF 20 coverage, as well as smoothing and nourishing the skin.

I was delighted with the store and of course wanting all the products. If you want to renew your makeup without spending a lot, go to Word Makeup  and choose your makeup. The store accepts credit cards and bank transfer. So don't waste any more time, go to the store and renew your beauty.

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